"Blog em"

Blog em is my two cents worth, whether or not you want to read what I post is up to you and how fast you click to move to another page or site. I grew up as a baby boomer and most of my productive years were spent without a real outlet for my views and opinions on local and world affairs and other things of interest to me. Thankfully I got to learn and teach computers and technology before my career as a teacher was cut short by a head on car crash involving a useless 18 year old fast food worker with a cell phone stuck in her ear blocking what few brain cells she had from being responsible while driving a vehicle, But thats my cross to bear.

Since this is a new section to a website not at all related to blogs I am going to keep the subjects away from the main site subjects which are price guides of pottery and vintage toys.

You don't have to agree with what I write or even read what I write it doesn't matter to me. What one person says in this country has no affect on any outcome of anything, therefore since I pay for this website I will say what I want and believe in at any given time. This is my voice to the world at large the same as everyone has now with a computer and the internet.

All daily blogs will be archived for a few weeks or until I get tired of keeping them on my site. So come back if you want to read some nonsense or what I believe to be profound thoughts on our dumbass political leaders and the world in general.