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Arcade Toys
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Number date name value
270y 1936 Caterpillar Tractor diesel type
276X McCormick-Deering Tractor
279 McCormick-Deering Farmall Tractor
283SP McCormick-Deering Plow
284X Tractor
402-2 McCormick-Deering Spreader without team
404-2 Weber Wagon Without team
404-5 Team of horses
408 Farm wagon and team
410 Circus wagon
412x Panama Wagon
447 Cream Separator
450X McCormick-Deering thresher
456X Gas pump bank
1100X Pontiac sedan
1250X Desoto Sedan
1350X Pontiac Sedan
1350Y Yellow cab
1440 Racer
1450X Racer
1460X Desoto Sedan
1580Y Yellow cab
1680X Pierce Arrow Coupe
1700 Fire Ladder Truck
1740 Fire Engine
1810 Fire Engine
1820 Fire Ladder truck
1940 Fire Trailer truck
2000X Pontiac wrecker
2020X Ford Wrecker
2230X Mack Dump truck
2320   Dump truck  
2340 Fire Engine
2350 Fire Ladder truck
2390X Pontiac Stake truck
2410X Mack Tank Truck
2420 Mack Fire Apparatus Truck
2620X Chevrolet Panel Delivery Truck
2640X Borden's Milk Bottle Truck
2650 Allis Chalmers tractor trailer
2730X Fordson Tractor
2780X Pontiac Stake truck
2970 Carry car truck & trailer set
3020 International Delivery truck
3030 International Dump truck
3090 International Stake Truck
3100 Carry Car truck and trailer set w/4 cars
3160X Double deck bus
3170 Double deck bus
3210 Greyhound trailer bus
3250 Greyhound trailer bus
3610X Boeing United airplane
3790X Pullman Railplane
3800X Pullman Railplane
3810X Streamline train 2 piece
3830X Streamline train
3850X Greyhound cross country bus
4360 Great Lakes Expo Bus
4370 Great Lakes Expo Bus
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