Pottery Signatures

Brush Pottery

Brush Pottery used a lot of different signatures and marks and also produced a lot of pieces without marks. Some of the signatures were used throughout most of the production era.

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2 footed planter w/block letters later piece  

W Series Cookie Jar w/ large S  

Bowl numberes w/large S&A  

Planter w/large S  

Numbered w/out signature  

Early signature  


Planter w/reversed S  

Vase w/large S no signature  

Large Vase w/no signature or number  

Planter w/large S  

Planter w/large S & number w/size  

Planter w/lare S & number w/size  

Number only  

Cookie jar with number & large S  

Planter w/large S & number  

S is same size  

Planter w/lare S & number w/size  

Planter w/size and large S  

Number only  

Number only  

Signature of A.L. Cusick principle designer  

Block letters w/size  

Cookie jar with signature used from late 40s to 1960s  
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