Dinky Series

VEM-series, The Classic Economy Cars

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Number Model Body  color Interior Issued Baseplate / details Value
VEM01-M IMG Volkswagen Cabriolet 1949 Black, Red side panel, Black folded down hood Light-Beige 1997 Black, VEM01-M (printed) / Font license plate White & Black digits, screwed 20-25
VEM02-M   IMG Austin Seven 1959 Red Light-Grey & Black 1997 Black, VEM02-M (printed) / screwed 20-25
VEM03-M  IMG Citro뮠2CV 1949 Metallic-Silver,Dark-Grey folded sunshine roof Dark-Grey 1997 Metallic-Silver, VEM03-M (printed) / screwed 20-25
VEM04-M  IMG Messerschmitt KR200 1959 Yellow, Black mudguards, clear glow of Blue roof Yellow & Black (tiger print) 1997 Black, VEM04-M (printed) / screwed 20-25
VEM05-M  IMG Wolseley Hornet 1962 Dark-Maroon, Off-White roof Light-Brown, wood print dashboard 1997 Black, VEM05-M (printed) / screwed 20-25
VEM06-M  IMG Fiat 500 1966 Light-Green, Off-White folded sunshine roof Off-White & Red 1997 Black, VEM06-M (printed) /screwed 20-25
VEM07-M  IMG Renault 4L 1962 Light-Blue, Black folded sunshine roof Beige 1997 Black, VEM07-M (printed) / screwed 20-25

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