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Dinky Die cast Toys
The values stated in this guide are to be used only as a guide. Values are not set to determine prices as auction and dealer values vary greatly and are affected by demand and condition. The author does not assume responsibility for any losses that are the result of consulting this guide. Values are for mint items in mint original boxes. Lower conditions require percentage values.
Dinky Series

Coca Cola cruisers

Values are for mint in box items.

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Number Model Body color Interior Issued Baseplate / details Value
DYG02/B-M Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 Yellow, Red rear panel, Red folded down hood Red & Black 1998 Black, 1988, China, DYG02/B & Dinky printed / screwed 35
DYG08/B-M Ford Thunderbird 1955 Black, Red roof Red & Black 1998 Black, 1992 &1996, China, DYG08/B & Dinky printed / screwed 18
CCV06/B-M Chevrolet Corvette 1953 Red, Yellow striping, open roof Red & Yellow 1998 Black, 1997, China, CCV06/B & Dinky printed / screwed 18
YMC03/B-M Pontiac GTO 1967 Red, matt-Black roof Red, Yellow & Black 1998 Black, 1996, China, YMC03/B & Dinky printed / screwed 20
YMC05/B-M Ford Mustang Boss 429, 1970 Yellow, Red parts Red 1998 Black, 1996, China, YMC05/B & Dinky printed / screwed 30
YMC06/B-M Chevrolet Camaro SS396, 1968 Black, Yellow roof, Yellow striping on bonnet and hood Red 1998 Black, 1996, China, YMC06/B & Dinky printed / screwed 30

Coca Cola 'Work Refreshed'

Number Model Body  color Interior  Issued Baseplate / details Value
DYM-38050 Peterbilt Tractor Trailer 1939  'Coca Cola' Yellow, Red mudguards  & chassis Trailer Silver roof. Deco Red Beige & Red


Red, China, 1998, Trailer: dark Gray. DYM-38050 & Dinky printed, screwed 75

Coca Cola Convoys

Number  Model Body color  Interior Issued Baseplate / details Value
DYM-96653 Mack B-61 1956 Yellow, Red mudguards. Trailer Red roof & base plate. Coca Cola bottles on each side & backdoors Black 2000 Black, 1999, China. Trailer 1998 DYM96653 & Dinky printed. 75
DYM-96654 Peterbilt 1939 Red, trailer Red, Yellow & White decals with bowling bal & pins Black 2000 Black, 1999. Trailer Black 1998, China DYM96654 & Dinky printed 75
DYM-96655 Mack B-61 1956 Black & Yellow mudguards. Trailer Yellow roof, decals with 2 girls (have a coke) Black 2000 Yellow, 1999, China. Trailer Silver metallic, 1998, DYM96655 & Dinky printed 75
DYM-96656 Peterbilt 1939 Red & Yellow mudguards. Trailer Red roof, decals on light blue (Baseball) Yellow 2000 Black, 1999, China. Trailer Yellow, 1998 DYM96656 & Dinky printed, 75
DYM-96657 Mack B-61 1956 Light Blue, white mudguards, Red bumper. Trailer L. Blue roof. Decal many colors (Pause Refresh) Black 2000 Red, China, 1999. Trailer Red, 1998, DYM96657 & Dinky printed 100
DYM-96658 Peterbilt  1939 White, Red mudguards. Trailer White roof, decal on red (Come in... We have) Black 2000 Black, China, 1999. Trailer Red, 1998, DYM96658 & Dinky printed 75

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