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Two dates shown relates to the first publishing and also the edition that corresponds to the number listed. If there is one date listed then the date is an "A" or  "1st" edition.

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# Title Author/Illustrator Date Value
A1 Words(Wheel Book) Selma Lola Chambers/Gertrude Elliot 1955 45-50
A2 Circustime (Wheel Book) Marion Conger/Tibor Gergeley 1955 45-50
A3 Paper Dolls Wilma Kane, Hilda Miloche/ 1951 100-125
A4 Animal Paintbook (3 Paints in Cover) Hans Helweg /Hans Helweg 1955 60-65
A5 Clown Coloring Book / 1955 65-75
A6 Trucks (2 Paper Model Trucks) Kathryn Jackson/Ray Quigley 1955 150-175
A7 Animal Stamps Kathleen Kaly/James Gordon Irving 1955 35-40
A8 Bird Stamps Kathleen Kaly/James Gordon Irving 1955 35-40
A9 Dog Stamps Ann McGovern/Edwin Megargee 1955 40-45
A10 Mickey Mouse Club Stamp Book Kathleen N. Daly/Julius Svendsen 1956 65-70
A11 Cowboy Stamps John Lyle Shimek/Richard Scarry 1957 40-45
A12 The Story of Baby Jesus /Eloise Wilkin 1957 125-150
A13 Indian Stamps Edward Huberman/Edwin Schmidt 1957 40-45
A14 Ginger Paper Doll Kathleen Daly/Adriana Mazza Saviozzi 1957 75-80
A15 Trim the Christmas Tree (tree punches out of
Elsa Ruth Nast/Doris & Marion Henderson 1957 40-45
A16 Count to Ten (Wheel Book) LilianMoore /Bob Krush 1957 20-25
A17 Stop and Go (Wheel Book) Loyta Higgins/Joan Walsh Anglund 1957 30-35
A18 ABC Around the House (Wheel Book) Kathleen N. Daly/Violet La Mont 1957 20-25
A19 Farm Stamps Kathryn Jackson/Adriana Mazza Saviozzi 1957 30-35
A20 Car and Truck Stamps Kathleen Daly/E. Joseph Dreany 1957 25-30
A21 Let's Save Money (Wheel Book) Loyta Higgins/Violet La Mont 1958 20-25
A22 Paper Doll Wedding Kane, Wilma , Hilda Miloche/Kane, Wilma , Hilda Miloche 1958 90-95
A24 Reading, Writing & Spelling Stamps Carol Kaufman/Vilet La Mont, Lilian Obligado 1959 30-35
A25 Insect Stamps Richard A.Martin /Jean Zallenger 1958 25-30
A26 Train Stamp Book Kathleen N. Daly/E. Joseph Dreany 1958 30-35
A27 Fireman & Fire Engine Stamps Jane Goldsmith/Rick Estrada, RichardScarry 1959 30-35
A28 Colors (Wheel Book) Kathleen N. Daly/Richard Scarry 1959 20-25
A29 Animals and Their Babies (Wheel Book) Barbara Shook Hazan/Lilian Obligado 1959 25-30
A30 Words (Wheel Book) Selma Lola  Chambers/Gertrude Elliot 1955 20-25
A31 Mike and Melissa (Paper Dolls) Jane Werner Watson/Adriana Mazza Saviozzi 1959 100-125
A32 Ginger Paper Doll Kathleen Daly/Adriana Mazza Saviozzi 1957 100-125
A33 Sleeping Beauty (Paper Dolls) Walt Disney Studios /Frank Armitage, Julius Svendsen 1959 125-150
A34 Red Riding Hood (Paper Dolls) / 1959 125-150
A36 Cinderella (Paper Dolls) /Gordon Laite 1960 125-150
A39 My Little Golden Calendar /Richard Scarry 1961 60-65
A41 Hansel and Gretel Bros Grimm/Judy & Barry Martin 1961 125-150
A43 Count to Ten Lillian Moore/Beth Krush 1957 20-25
A44 ABC Around the House Kathleen Daly/ Voilet LaMontge 1957 20-25
A45 Words (Wheel Book) Selma Lola Chambers/Gertrude Elliott 1955 20-25
A47 Paper Dolls Wilma Kane, Hilde Miloche/Wilma Kane, Hilde Miloche 1951 125-150
A48 Gordon's Jet Flight Naomi Glasson/Mel Crawford 1961 125-150
A50 Trim the Christmas Tree Elsa Ruth Nast/Doris & Marion Henderson 1957 20-25
A52 Tammy Kathleen J. Daly/Ada Salva 1963 35-40
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