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A Ding Dong School Book

Little Golden Edition

Printed in the Little Golden Format, ca. 1959-60

All items in this price guide are valued at Excellent to Near Mint unless otherwise stated.

Values stated are for 1st ed/first stated

# Title Author/Illustrator Date Value
DIN 1 Jingle Bell Jack Dr. Francis R. Horwich/Kathrine Evans 1955 15
DIN 2 Mr. Meyer's Cow Dr. Francis R. Horwich/William Nebbe 1955 15
DIN 3 My Daddy is a Policeman Dr. Francis R. Horwich/Helen Prickett 1956 15
DIN 4 We Love Grandpa Dr. Francis R. Horwich/Dorothy Grider 1956 15
DIN 5 Here Comes the Band Dr. Francis R. Horwich/William Timmons 1956 15
DIN 6 The Magic Wagon Dr. Francis R. Horwich/Elizabeth Webbe 1955 15
DIN 7 Lucky Rabbit Dr. Francis R. Horwich/Ruth Bendel 1955 15
DIN 8 Our Baby Dr. Francis R. Horwich/Priscilla Pointer 1955 15
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