The values stated in this guide are to be used only as a guide. Values are not set to determine prices as auction and dealer values vary greatly and are affected by demand and condition. The author does not assume responsibility for any losses that are the result of consulting this guide.

Grading and Values

This website has several different priceguides for pottery and for vintage toys. Values for these items are based on condition and rarity. Since any item is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it the value depends on many factors to make it worth that value.

The values in these price guides unless noted are for items that are in mint condition with no defects other than the ones noted as being from the factory. Items you own not in mint condition should be valued by percentage of mint condition value.

In the area of Pottery there are always some sort of defect ranging from a simple blister on the bottom of the piece to missing glaze ever so small. Some companies such as Watt pottery were not known for real top quality pieces in some of their lines but still the values are high for a mint piece under Watt Pottery values. Some potterys sold pieces in sets and they must be in the original boxes to be considered mint in box.

Toys whether they are cast, steel or plastic if they originally came in boxes then the box should accompany the toy and also be in mint condition. Some of the companies sent out their toys in lots without individual boxes and where sold as individual pieces at the retail end. These were mostly cast iron and some of the larger plastic and wood toys.

Values change everyday on antiques and collectibles since the advent of the internet and online auctions. A new faster way of communicating these values caused some to spiral and some to drop very low. A piece thought to be rare would soon be flooding the market on eBay. So to determine the value of any item you have check different places, eBay, online stores, price guide books and hopefully to come back here to check my values.