Hubley Guns
Additional Descriptions.
2 in one Cap Pistol 8" long with 2 barrels, 1 short, 1 long
Side loading. White Pistol Grips
Colt 38 Detective Special 4 1/" colt 38 sinlge shot caps
six play bullets. Includes suspenders chest holster
Cowboy Cap Pistol 8" Friction Break to Front,
cast iron nickel finish
Ose swirl plastic grips w/colt logo
Cowboy cap Pistol 12" die cast swing out revolving sylinder
release on barrel,
Black plastic steer grips
Cowboy Cap Pistol DIe Cast 12" swing out revolving cylinder
release on barrel,
has nickel or aluminum finish
white plastic grips with blcak steer head
# 225Cowboy jr Cap psitol die cast 9" revolving cylinder side loading
release on barrel with silver finsih, white plastic cow grips
lanyard ring and cord
Colt 45 Cap Pistol 13" die cast revolving cylinder produced
with open or closed chamber ends
Loads 6 two piece cap firing bullets
White plastic grips w/red felt box
Derringer w/hidden Dagger 7" over and under barrels has a hidden red
Plastic dagger that slides out
from between the barrels.
Rotating barrels fire two piece caps
Davy Crockett Buffalo Rifle Die cast/Plastic 25" long
flintlock style fires single cap under pan cover
Ammo storage in stock. Stock is Brown plastic
Deputy Cap pistol Die cast 10"s long front breaking
release on barrel
Ornate scroll work nickel finish
Flintlock jr Cap Pistol 7 1/2 inches long sungle shot
double action w/brown swirl plastic stock
Flintlock pistol 9 1/4 inches long 2 shot
single action over and under style.
brown swirl plastic stock
Frontier repeating cap rifle 35 1/4 inches long nickel finish
brown plastic stock & forearm.
Blue metal barrel with a red plastic choke
and front sight. Pop down magazine relesaed by catch in front of trigger
Long Ranger rifle 29 inches long 175
Marshall cap pistol 9 3/4 inches long side loading die cast
nickel finish with scroll work
brown and white plastic stag handles
Model 1860 44 Cap Pistol 13 inches long
revolving cylinder with closed chamber ends
six 2 piece bullets, flat aluminum finish.
WHite plastic grips w/wooden displacy plaque
Panther Pistol 4 inch diecast derrigner style pistol that
snaps out from secret spring loaded
wrist holster
REmington 36 cap Pistol 8 Inches long with nickel finish
black plastic grips w/revolving cylinder
chambers 2 pice bullets
Rex Trailer two gun & holster set 9 1/2 inches long side loading
nickel finish w/stag plastic grips
brown textured leather tooledleather
white holsters with 6 bullet loops
w/silver plastic bullets, plain buckles
Ric-O Shay 45 cal cap pistol 13 inches long die cast
nickel chrome finish larfe frame
revolving cylinder fires rolled caps
chambers brass bulletrs and fires caps
black plastic grips
Ric-O-Shay 45 cap pistol holster set 13 inches long, diecast revolving cylinder
swings out to chamber 6 bullets.
Six loaded in gun and 12 on the belt
Holster, black leather w/separate belt
Horse head emblem and has a rawhide tie down
Rifleman Flip special cap rifle 3 feet long, resembles classic Winchester with ring
lever, Brown plastic stock
pop down magazine
Rodeo cap pistol 7 1/2 inches long
White plastic steer grips.
Texas Ranger Rifle 26 1/2 inches long w/cap storage
brown plastic stock and forearm.
Texan 38 cap psitol 10 inches long revolving cylinder gun chambers 6
solid brass bullets with top release
Front break automatically ejects shellls with plastic steer grips
Texan cap pistol 9 1/4 inches long cast iron
Revolving cylinder release
white plastic steer grips with nickel finish
Colt rearing logo on grips
#285 Texan cap pistol 9 1/4 inches long cast iron
revolving cylinder, white plastic grips lever release
nickel finish with star logo in grips
Texan Dummy Pistol 9 1/4 inches long lever release
revolving cylinder, nickel finish
White plastic steer grips, colt rearing horse logo
Texan Dummy Pistol 9 1/4 inches long lever release
revolving cylinder, nickel finish
star logo on grips.
Texan jr Cap Pistol 10 inches long spring button release
on side of cylinder, break to front
nickel finish white plastic grips
with black steers
Texan jr cap pistol 10 inches long, diecast
release under cylinder
nickel finish white plastic longhorn grips
Texan jr cap pistol/Gold Plated 9 inches long gold finish
with black longhorn steer grips.
Break to front release from cylinder
Western Cap Pistol 9 inch die cast friction break
nickel finish white plastic steer grips w/black steer
Wyatt Earp Double holster set Black and white holsters with Wyatt Earp logo
2 # 247 Wyatt earp buntline specials
10 3/4 inches long nickel finish purple swirl grips
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