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Cast iron vehicles

Hubley cars especially the cast iron models were made to be played with and since they were virtually indestructable the vehicles were abused and now there are very few mint examples around. This is not saying there are none but we are trying to place the items in perspective as to values.

Since there are fewer pieces in excellent condition and an abundance of them in poor to average condition this is where RPG's values will concentrate. There are a few examples placed in the guide that will have the mint value but for almost all of the pieces the values will reflect the average condition.

The one thing you have to remember when deciding to purchase or sell a Hubley car is the condition, since the pieces are made out of cast material and will suffer little damage there then you have to look at tires, attached pieces such as the grills and most important on Hubley is the paint condition. Repaints will fall somewhere between poor value and fair unless it was done by a professional.

Vehicles with good clean shiny paint will bring a premium whereas one with dull scratched paint or little or no paint will have a much lower value. Tires will be also be an issue for the hubley vehicles as some models came out with wood wheels, some were equiped with shiny sliver metal wheels and then there were the black and the white rubber tires.

Hubley kit cars

Hubley kit cars range from metal with plastic to full plastic vehicles with a large range of values.

Hubley was bought out by Gabriel Industries in 1965, this brought about a change in the name on the boxes of the kit cars to Gabriel. Some of the older kits are more valuable than the others with some of the full plastic model car kits being the more valuable of the kit cars.
There are a lot of the kit vehicles showing up in the online auctions that have been assembled and normally have a value less than $20.00. Make sure you are not purchasing a built kit car if it is advertised otherwise.
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