Nelson McCoy Cookie Jars
Numbers and Descriptions

McCoy cookie jars were marked and unmarked. Marks include McCoy, USA and McCoy USA.

Some of the later pieces were marked with numbers and USA or just the number. McCoy pottery changed owners in the last years of production more than once and different marks were used on the cookie jars produced during these production years.

During the LLC years the jars were marked with the number, McCoy, LLC and USA
Cooke Jar images


  Mammy with Cauliflowers, hand decorated McCoy USA 1939
  Early Hillbilly Bear 1940's
  Light blue concave shape, with fruit decoration. 1942
  Love Birds (Kissing Penguins) hand decorated 1945
  Flower pot, with plastic flowers. 1950's
  Two kittens in low basket 1950's ,
  Davey Crockett  
   Round white, with gold rooster finial  1964
  Round with molded handles, hand painted green  leaves  1964
  Quaker Oats  1970
  for Sears, Roebuck and Co.  1970
  Little Red Bean Pot  1971
   Liberty Bell  1975
3 8 pt., tall with molded handles, hand
decorated on plain blue, yellow, green, or black.
4 4 qt black or ivory, bean pot shape, hand decorated 1939-43
4 Cookie boy 1940-43
5 6 pt. black or ivory, hand decorated 1939
6 Tilt pitcher, green,  black, or yellow, hand decorated 1939
7 Round ball shape with molded handles, angled finial, hand decorated. 1948 reissue 1939-44
8 4 pt., red, yellow, green, hand decorated 1939
14 7 pt., pastel blue, green, yellow or pink,
Hobnail pattern, sides are flat, almost heart shaped,
with molded handles.
15 Hobnail, 7 shape, in pastel blue, green and yellow 1940
16 Cookie Boy, white, green or yellow 1940-43
17 Mammy, plain colors or with red cap and
green trim, "Dem cookies" original.
17 Mammy, plain colors or with red cap and
green trim,   ("Cookies" only)
18 Pelican, white, green, or yellow plain colors, or hand decorated. 1940-43
18 Pear, yellow or aqua 1952-57
19 Clown, bust, hand decorated 1943-49
20 Elephant, first made with a split trunk,
remodeled shortly after production started so that
the lid contained the entire trunk.
20 Apple, yellow or aqua 1950-64
21 10", white with hand decorated flowers (same
shape as Dutch Boy).
22 Bear, white with hand decoration. A 1943-45
24 Dutch Boy 1945
25 Dutch Girl 1945
26 Decorated with Dutch Boy on one side, Dutch
Girl on the other.
27 Decorated Clown (Little Clown) hand
28 White cylinder; block handles, half ring finial 1946
28F 28 shape with fruit 1958-59
28V 28 shape with vegetables 1958-59
28C 28 shape with Chef 1958-59
28SA   1960
28 28 shape, mother-of-pearl (Cascade) glaze 1961
28 28 shape in Amberware finish 1962
29R Apple, shown for 1957 in bright red glaze, with 24 K Gold leaf finial 1957
30 Square jar, hand decorated, "V" finial 1947
31 Hexagon jar, square handles, "W" finial 1947
33 Banana 1950-52
34 Hobby Horse, white or brown with green underglaze, both hand decorated 1950-51
36 Mother Goose, white or brown underglaze, both hand decorated. 1947-51
37 Honey Bear, on side of tree, rustic glaze or yellow with brown.  1953-55

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