Pottery Signatures

Watt Pottery

Watt Pottery had quite a few different signatures during the years they were in production.

Signatures included a lot of pattern names placed with the numbers on the bottom of the pieces.

Some pieces were not signed but Watt pottery had more signed pieces than a lot of other potteries. Not all had number in the signatures and not all had the potteries name. Watt pottery used their name in the signatures on a lot of the pieces.

Watt Pottery produced a lot of pottery for different retail companies and a lot of the pottery will have trade names instead of pattern names. These pieces usually do not have numbers or the Watt name on them.

Animal dish

Embossed w/name

Unmarked Mexican Siesta

REPRO Mexican Siesta

incised w/name/number

Eve N Bake Large W

Bowl w/block letters

Unmarked Moon & Stars 1935-40s

Peedeeco Trade name

Script early 1950s Swirl pattern

Moon & Stars unmarked

Kla Ham RD Trade name

Cabinart Trade name

Script name and Block USA

Block letters embossed

Block Print

script Print

1946 Eve N Bake 2 patterns unique

Script without name

Block print

embossed bowl

cabinart tradename

shakers were unmarked large hole

1940s kitchen & ovenware

1940s ovenware
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