circa 1900s

Decorated with different subjects on a light background and covered with a shiny clear glaze. chick bunny, dogs, duck pigs Santa Claus, dancing cat, sunbonnet girl, rooster and dancing bear. Includes flat plates and round edge plates, bowls creamers sugars, cups and others. Marked RV stamp and unmarked. Some designs are of higher value than others. Santa Claus the rarest pieces. Bands were colored brown, green and yellow.



6 inch plate Flat 20-30
7 inch plate Flat 25-35
8 1/4 inch plate Flat 35-45
6 inch plate Round edge 35-45
7 inch plateRound edge 55-65
8 1/4 inch Round edge 75-85
egg cup 3 3/4 inches 40-60
creamer 2 7/8 inches 65-75
milk pitcher 45-65
chamber pot 175-200
cereal bowl 4 inch 20-25
ewer and bowl 125-150
Cup 25-35
side pour cup 35-45
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