All Cameo pieces will have the flanged wave top rims.
Numbered on the bottom with the exception of the ashtray.
Mint with added sticker will bring a higher value.
2501  Flower Bowl Planter  Green, Yellow, pink, Ebony  15-20
 2502   Flower Planer Bowl   gray, butterscotch, blue  15-20
 2503  Centerpiece Planter  green, butterscotch, mint green  18-20
 2504  Fan Planter   Yellow, Green, pink  12-15
 2505  Window Box 10 inch  green, pink, blue  10-15
 2506  Window Box 11 inch  Gray, Butterscotch, green  12-15
 2507  Urn Planter  Green, pink, mint green  12-15
 2508  Jardiniere 4 inch   Green, Blue, White  10-12
 2509  Jardiniere 5 inch  Yellow, butterscotch, green  10-15
 2510  Jardiniere 6 inch  gray, butterscotch, mint green  15-20
 2511  Jardiniere 7 inch  Gray butterscotch, mint green  15-20
 2512  Flower Vase 9 inch  gray, green, yellow  15-18
 2513  Bonquet Vase 9 inch  green, pink, blue  15-18
 2514  Flared Vase 10 inch  pink, green, white  15-20
 2515  Bonquet Vase 11 inch   Gray, butterscotch, green  15-20
 2516  Flower Vase 12 inch  Green, pink, white  15-18
 2517  Console Bowl 15 inch   green, blonde, white  15-20
 2518  Candle jolders  green, blonde, white  15-20
   Ashtray 12 inch  white, green, blonde  15-18

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