Flower and Fern Kitchenware 1956

Embossed with a flower and fern design the pieces were available in Yellow, Flax Blue,

Turquoise, Old Ivory, Dark Green, Dark Blue and Burgundy.

Marked USA

  Pitcher Ice Lip   4 cup   25-30
  Tea Pot   2 Cup   35-40
  Tea Pot   6 cup   45-50
  Coffee Maker   French drip 5 Cup Complete   55-60
  Creamer   7 ounce   15-20
  Sugar   7 ounce   15-20
  Creamer   9 ounce   20-25
  Aladdin Creamer     20-25
  Aladdin Sugar     20-25
  Pitcher   4 cup gold trimmed   150-175
  Salt and pepper   4 inch and 5 inch   15-25
  Grease Jar     25-30
  Salt and pepper   3 inch   15-20
  Salt Box     35-40
  Matchbox holder     45-50

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