Structo Toys Time Line


THE TYPHOONS and Steerables

Starting in the latter part of the sixties through 1976 the Typhoon series was sold by Structo and the last part of production was done by Ertl. The early Typhoon featured a large cab bright metal grille and a black on white plastic insert with the word Trubine slearly defining this as Structo. Saddle bag tanks and a fifth wheel completed the tractor. Early Typhoons were equipped with whitewall plastic tires. Later models had black wheels and spoke hub caps. The Ertl company bought Structo in 1974 and continued the gas trubine lines until 1976.
Structo also came out with a steerable gas turbine truck by tilting the cab the wheels were turned through a mechanical link. the trucks had stronger underparts and were hgher off the ground. These trucks also had a different style grille on them.


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