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First let's get one piece of nonsense out of the way so at least you will have the information as I see it if not the intelligence to see what is going on. We are in the worst situation the country has been in since the great depression and beleive it or not we are in a great depression of our own related to the time in history we are at, But back to the subject.

The american people are forgetting the past two years and the high cost of gas and oil and the increase in goods due to those rising oil prices. Why keep harping on the same subject since we have bigger ones now? Simple the same problems are going to reappear either this year or the next year and there are more people in this country now who do not have the means to wage another financial war to stay alive. Oil prices did not go up during the oil shock because of a shortage of oil, not at anytime. The oil prices went up because Wall street went wild with speculators working their magic behind the scenes with false bad information, working the media and playing on fear with the public. Oil companies including Exxon made record profits during this time and made no attempt to dispell the notion there was an oil shortage. During the time of the oil shock were we or were we not shipping disel fuel out of the country because there was to much stock.

Oil prices has caused goods we use everyday to increase in cost, oil has dropped by a hundred dollars a barrel and the cost of goods keep rising. WHY? The mess was started on wall street because of at least two problems, little or no regulation and government officials climbing in bed with wall street. How many politicians have left public office and moved to wall street? Lets not leave out the outright illegal acts of politicians who helped wall street steal billions from the public and as we can see they are still aidding and abetting in the same acts only this time on a grander scale and out in plain view of the general public. Do an internet search for richest speculators.

Now back to the main subject. Oil prices are going to rise again for two reasons, There are not going to be any regulations put into place to safeguard the public financial interests allowing the speculators to once again rise and invest into their own futures. Second is the problems created by the first problem, Oil producers were handed a golden fleece from the United States financial system and now that the prices have fallen back to reasonable value they have slowed the flow of oil to get rid of the surplus, once that is gone the people are once again using more oil the price will go back up but the flow of oil will not increase.

The talking heads of the media including Rush Limbach, Glenn Beck, and actually all of the cable and main network mouth pieces have finished with the subject since there are more interesting subjects out there now. Really none gave the reasons for the oil shock a good investigative look, instead looking to Congress to save us as they reported on it.

Nothing more on the subject other than come back in a year and let me tell you I told you it would happen.