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We have nothing to fear but fear it's self FDR said that and then last year that famous quote from Former Senator Phil Gramm America is a nation of whiners who are scraing themselves into a mental recession that exists mainly in their own minds. Now that was a quote a man can be proud of if he wasn't so damn stupid as is all politicians.

Now we have a lot to fear and it did not come from being whiners or dwelling on something so long that we made it come true. Our banks, government and media took careof the fear thing for us and now our great leader is running around the country telling people unless the stimulus bill is passed a great catastophe is going to happen. Well what does he think the common man facing him can do. Send an email to his representative in Washington doesn't work, You can't call the bastards, all he can do shrink bank in fear when the President gets on that stage and tells him he is doomed unless the republicans sign the bill he wants.

Put all the spin on the subject you want it still stands up as a recession that a trillion dollars is not going to solve. If the president wants to solve the problem get rid of the first bunch of fools he has already chosen to help him lead the country and find a group of people who are not aligned with either washington or mainly wall street. Wall street got us in this mess and how in the hell can anyone expect them to get us out. Let the working man get us out of this mess with constant oil prices, more people being put in jail for what they have done to the american people from wall street and please forget about these stupid tax cuts

I never could understand how the american people or the idiot politicians could ever believe giving tax cuts could solve a budget problem. If you cut the amount of money you have going to the coffers of government then you have to borrow more money to make up for the shortfall. Now a pipedream is taxcuts mean the rich will take the money they are saving on the tax cuts and make more jobs giving the goverment more money from the working class as tax increases. Well first second an third the rich are not going to take the tax cuts and make more jobs. What they are going to do is take the extra money from tax cuts and move it into the stock market and there we go again. Nuff said about that.
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