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How many american people watch the Congressional hearings being held in Wahington DC? Not very many I presume unless you are an unemployeed geek or office worker with nothing else to do, working people are too smart to watch that nonsense. Me I am just a disabled grumpy old man who loves to watch the way politicians and people they pull into those hearings spend all their time dancing around the truth and how not to answer a question until the senators time has run out which ususal runs from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.

Just when one of the so called rebels of the hearing ask a really important question such as today when the bankers where asked if they would be willing to return the 78 billion they were given by mistake, First none were willing to step up and answer the question and of course the senators time ran out. You know you can be raised back in the head of a hollow from any southern state, never get past the sixth grade and still watch what is going on at one of those hearings and understand the people at the witness tables are there to protect themselves and the congressional people are there to look good in front of the nations cameras and appear to be trying to do a job they can't do.

You could take the time to name each individual Congressman and complain about him or her but since they all come from the same pattern there really isn't any use. Today was a good example of that. The CEOs setting at the witness tables did not at anytime give a full and complete explantion of the questions they were ask. Of course they knew there was no reason to make the attempt. waste a few minutes with nonsense answers and the senators time runs out. I love this idiot request for the witnesses to send in their responses on paper. Now since this is supposed to be a free country where are their responses sent to and and when do the american people get to see them.

You know what this grumpy old man would have told those assholes today about that 78 billion dollars. Either give it back or don't expect another dollar from the taxpayers of this country of any kind. They suck the federal goverment blind with different tax credits and other breaks not known by the general public. Now everyone is saying if some of those banks go broke it would break the country. Hell we are broke to the tune of trillions of dollars and still we let a few asshole crooks take money and laugh in our face as they walk out the door with it.

One more thing about this problem. Where were the people who are on all those banking and financial committees that are supposed to be lookig after our interest. My opinion is they were and still are looking after their own interest. Oh well common sense was never a given in the american people.
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