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Well not much to write about to day but of course there is another politican who has bitten the dust. You know it makes me wonder just how smart our new president really is. Perhaps if he went outside the sewer of Washington to find the people to fill his cabinet he just might find an honest man. Now if he found this man or woman then he should have at least four years of honest service from this person before greed kicks in.

To even think you could take a man who has been in Washington for thirty years to first be honest and second NOT to have at least one skeleton rattling around in his Senate office is rediculous. Senator Gregg jumped ship before the it had left the dock and now has decided not to run for office again in 2010. Why not he's republican and should be seated quite well on the best committees. Lord knows he has gotten rich working in Washington unless he is a real idiot and there might be a few of those walking the halls of Congress.

But give the man a chance he might have dropped out because he really had a difference of opinion with the policies of the President, of course this grumpy old man doesn't buy a word of it.
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