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  Reading the news this morning I find there are a few things that always piss me off and one of those is the freedom people have in this country to get away with anything and most of it is brought on by the goverment. I know we are a freedom dominated country, give me liberty or give me death and give me your poor and so on. we now have every religion known to man in this country and they operate as they wish including the Muslin faith which as noted this morning one of their faithful cut his wife's head off in Buffalo, New York.

You know this is not only wrong but damn wrong. No religion should be allowed into the United States that allows any member to be under the thumb of any member of that religion. To make things look worst he is being held on second degree murder charges. Let it be a good old boy from the south with hundreds of years of ancestors in this country even shoot his wife and the charge would be first degree murder charges.

Don't we ever get tried of bowing down to people from different countries because we like to be liked. Sorry I don't like anyone well enough to allow them to use religion and tradition to kill their wifes, not in this country. Religion kills more people in this world than any other cause and anyone who can show the actual numbers to dispute this can step forward and tell the world. Whether it be an individual who is raised in a religion is allowed to kill his wife because she has disrespected him or a complete country that rides on a religion to invade other countries or kill thousands of people of different faith in their own country it is wrong.

Religion is a drug for the masses and a tool for the rich to control the world, has been since man figured out a way to use worship as a way to control the masses from the sun gods to deities of the orient. Frankly as person in a free country I have a right to my opinion although the man who cut off his wife's head yesterday will have more freedom to speak and act than a person who comes from the heritage of this country. He will get a better defense than if I or any other American cut off their wife's head. Why, simple we are afraid of pissing off people who might be offended if we demand them to abide by the laws of this country as we the natural citzens do.

Finally with nothing left but a few short years of a crappy life of bad health I really don't care what the people of any country think, you live here you abide by the laws of this country or get the hell out. This country is not a country of different little countries with their own rules and religions, go back to the middle east for that including Irag, Iran, Pakistan and and all the rest of the messed up countries in the middle east. We have kissed ass and given over five thousand lives in the last eighteen years to the muslin faith now it's time to clean up the mess and let them fight their own battles between themselves. They will be beheading their wifes for hundreds of years to come so why are we allowing it to happen in our country.

Instead of fighting them over there and not having a chance of winning let them destroy themselves and start defending this country from this country.
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