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Well we have a few million americans out of work today and more will get the bump today since it is Friday. There is a lot to write about on the subject of were we are at in this depression and what and who caused it. It doesn't really make any different now where the beginning was started but the beginning of the end should now be our focus. Hey that is a good political line I just wrote. Has no real meaning, you can refer anything you what from it and it sounds like you know what you are talking about. Enough about the real problems we have.

Let's get back to the millions of americans out of work now. Government figures there are over 7% unemployed with the number to grow this year instead of getting smaller. That puts an average of over 5 million workers at home along with the millions who have completely given up on getting a job. Now it looks like the best growth industry in this country is being a soap opera star. Not only one of my pet peeves but one of the things I really hate in this society. Its bad enough Americans won't work but they spend their time setting on their asses watching model sized women who are no where near reality to the men who make the average husband look as dumb as George Bush.

Reality to the American people means watching a bunch of movie star sized men and women make fools of themselves living together in one house which is one silly concept to changing your wife for two weeks. Look if you are married you don't want to really change your wife for another one. Try taking the wife away for two weeks and putting one of those stupid blonde dummies out of the house reality show with the husband and four kids, makes as much sense. But again why not get out and try to find a job or be inventive and create one for yourself.
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