"Blog em"

Sitting here in front of the computer wanting to watch a movie or watch a few Gretchen Wilson's videos or do nothing I decided to instead write a few thoughts on the american people tonight. Thankfully no one is reading these blogs so I can write what I want. Odd isn't it an old man setting in front of a machine that can reach millions of people and not one person is listening. Reminds me of the tree falling in the forest. Really I don't expect anyone to listen. My brain went south a few years ago and this is what is remaining.

Well we are still looking at a stock market that is falling more everyday with the talking heads trying to figure out how to explain what they said yesteray or the day before not happening. People we need to shut the damn place down and get back to working our way out of this mess, but you know you look at all the companies laying off workers, shutting down factories and turning in lower dividends. Ever wonder why, maybe some or all of the profits from the last quarter or last year was put into the stock market and the money was lost, and with people watching now the books could not be cooked THINK?

Of course the american people are going to sit on their ass and bury their heads deeper into that new pile of sand they just piled up. It's not important that Washington or for that matter the 50 different state governments are going to take almost a trillion dollars of taxpayer money and put it in their pockets while the country goes down the drain. Hey am I on a roll tonight with the same shit the rest of the talking heads spout out. Doesn't really matter does it. Do nothing and hope for the best I guess. Heard that one too.

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