"Blog em"

Most of americans like to complain about their lives whether it be on national television, sitting at the local bar or to themselves as they go through their normal workday. The list of complaints are long and cover hundreds of different little petty issues including being broke most of the time or never getting a change at life. BOO HOO.

We all have issues about where we are in life but still this is the best place in the world to live except maybe a few of the smaller scandanavian countries. We have the best education money can buy along with the best facilities bar none, of course most of our high school graduates could not keep a balanced check book or know where they are at most of the time. We have the best health care money can buy if you have the money. We have the best roads other than Germany and theirs are getting over crowded as ours. Of course I have to include England's Major road systems and their great tea stands along side these roads to allow the driver to pause for a break without the off ramp hurtle.

The list can go on forever of what we have the rest of the world doesn't. But what does the rest of the world have we don't. NOTHING, including high taxes on fuel, check out Great Britain, Cold weather in Canada, which is one country you hardly ever hear anything about good or bad. Mexico, which has just about no economy and lots of drug dealers and perhaps beating the USA for dishonest politicians.

Where else in the world would a black man with the middle name Saddam end up as president of the country after we have spent over eighteen years fighting the countries the name came from. Of course he did have to run against a 72 year old former cancer patient to get the job. Ironic Huh. Shows the type of people we want as our leaders, let's not forget it is still unsure as to whether or not the man is a natural born citizen of the USA, one of the requirements of our Constitution.

In short we are the best educationed, healthest people in the world bar none or so we say to the rest of the world, but I think a series on just how dumb we really are is just the right thing to write about for a few weeks, of course I have to continue writing about my usual complaints about the present situations we now face including the next blog on my favorite subject, Preachers, politicians and lawyers.