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Let's hear another tree fall in the forest this morning and make the statement about the health of the american people. First, foremost and to the point the american people are fat, period. If you don't believe me go to any Walmarts in the country since that is where most of the blue collar worker shops at now and see for yourself unless you to are either an overweight blue collar worker or just plain overweight.

The fat people try to come up with reasons everyday as to why they are fat. The doctors and Quacks try to come up with a reason to keep the billions coming into their bank accounts for all the knowledge they are dispensing about the subject and please let's not forget about the fat shows on TV now like the Biggest loser, right. It took a life time to get fat and the show is going to take it off in six weeks. Their methods I can agree with, the rest of the ads shown across TV land are pure bunk.

Growing up in the fifties and sixties your diet consisted of plain foods such as fried meats, cooked beans, fried potates, and everything else the doctors now say are bad for you. We eat baked corn bread with bowls of pinto beans, along side greens picked from the garden ot even the back yard. Hell we eat everything bad for us at that time but one thing was for sure none of us were fat. Out of a large graduating class there were really only one or two fat kids. The rest were normal. Now to find a normal kid is almost impossible and if you do he or she will likely become overweight in time.

Perhaps it is a part of the change in society that makes fat people and I tend to say that about both men and women although there seems to be more fat women than men and the weight seems to be heavier. Hell I am fat myself but at my age and the lifestyle I lead perhaps I should be fat. A sad comemt on our society but no amount of diet pills or dieting on food will change the weight on any person permenantly.

The reason we were not fat was the amount of time we spent outdoors and doing work doled out by our parents as punishment for ruining their lifes. Cutting grass with an old push mower and I am not talking about the kind with a motor on top of it will make muscles and move fat right off your body, trust me been there done that. Ever worked in a garden with a hoe all day hoeing corn and beans, even the farmers today buy their table food from the store. Well enough this morning about the stupidity of the american people. Later today or tomorrow I have to start on a subject I been holding off on the stupidity of the american women when it comes to men.
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