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Sunday morning with no grips about life other than the usual, you know, wall street, politics, economy, stuff like that. I guess since there is nothing new I can bring up another pet peeve. This one really gets on my nerves big time since I spend so much time on the computer these days.

Trying to write comments about news items throughout the day and getting responses that are directed at the person who wrote a comment. I wrote some the other day on the withholding of the mining permits in WV. Having lived and being raised in the hills of appalachia I have first hand knowledge of the way coal was mined since the early sixties including underground mining and how it has improved to the point of being a leg up in progress even though there are some older issues to be faced..

Not one reasonable return comment or knowledgeable comment did I get. What I did get was several comments on how dumb I was or what an idiot. No wonder this country is going to hell on a hat band, the people are not worth saving as a nation of free people. We refuse to be polite and have dialog with ourselves, no wonder the world hates us.

I can't finish this blog without a I TOLD YOU SO. The last time I wrote about the price of oil it was 35 dollars a barrel and I said it would start rising again as soon as the speculators thought it was safe to start false rumors and bringing the oil prices back up for another boom and bust at our expense. Well look at the price per barrel now over 50 dollars a barrel and I will say by the end of summer we will be close to over 100 dollars a barrel again.

Just how stupid are the people in Washington not to think high gas prices will not allow the economy to come out of a recession. If the working people can not afford to get to work and pay their bills then the economy can not recover no matter how much Obama throws at us.
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