Haven't written a blog this week and I feel exceptionally grunpy an feel the need to kill another tree and since no one is going to heard the tree fall in the forest screw the tree huggers. Noticed something today that makes absolutely no sense to me. Even George Bush couldn't figure this one out. To say the american public are idiots on this one is putting it mild. Getting on with it. Saw a car today setting in someones yard for sale. Had a price of $4000 printed on the windshield in white shoe polish with the letters OBO printed underneath the $4000. Just in case you don't know what the letters OBO stand for its OR BEST OFFER, OBO. Now if I want $4000 for my car I will put that amount on the car with the possibility of taking less if offered in private. If I put OBO with the amount of $4000 then there is no way in hell anyone is going to offer me $4000. Why should they, I have just told the world I will take less than $4000. American Mentality go figure. Maybe a southern thing. Who knows.

Getting back to the tree in the forest, would someone please come out with a good book to read. We are now drowning in war books about the Irag war and I for one am getting tired of them. I feel for the men and women who went but enough is enough get the war over with and move on. AND of course we have the political and media people who are writing their books on their experiences during the war years, had enough of them too.
Read one of my books if you like entertainment for entertainments sake which is what most reading should be. We spend our early years reading bull to satisfy over educated morons and then lost the urge to really enjoy reading. Once you reach a certain age you should read only if you enjoy reading for entertainment the rest is total bullshit.
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