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I watched a article on tv a few mornings ago that was so silly it should make you laugh but in reality it was one of the worst things I have seen concerning our government. Sending the top people of the Social Security admn. to seminars that have cost the tax payers over a million dollars. The excuses was the men and women needed a way to deal with the stress of working with the people who are applying for SS benefits and the death threats the people make on them. First Stress is really something that could not possible be associated with a government job. You work 40 hours a week. All paid holidays, Long vacations and of course health coverage for your family.

Stress is becomig disabled on a regular blue collar job and havng to file for disability benefits after working for years and waiting until you have lost everything you own before you even get a hearing. To even get a hearing for your case you have to hire a blood sucking lawyer to go to bt for you and even this doesn't really help that much other than giving the lawyer a third of what you finally get. What can you say about a government agency that sends its people to a seminar for dancing and drinking while the working people of this country are trying to dig their way out of a recession caused by a government that was more interested in taking care of personal needs than doing their jobs.

 I worked 25 years in an underground coal mine with danger facing me every minute of the day far more than any social security worker would ever face. I don't remember anyone suggesting I go to a seminar to help me face the stress everyday of not knowing if a rock fall would kill me or a 60 ton piece of mining equipment would crush me to death. I helped the economy of this country by providing a fuel to heat and drive the nation's economy.

What has a social security worker done other than be a disagreeable person we sometimes have to face in order to keep some dignity in times of need. After working 43 years and paying taxes I don't want or need some government worker telling me I don't deserve or qualify for disabilty benefits if I have medical records to back up my claims.

Congress needs to stop trying to spend money and spend some time focusing on digging out the graft and downright waste the people of the government are getting by with.

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