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Any society dating back to what I would asume would be the cave man had some type of leader to move the clan or group of people along and make sure they were safe or at least operated as a group to insure food and shelter for all. I would bet even then there was graft going on with the leaders taking just a bit more food or women for themselves. Since we all know from the news preachers, politicians and lawyers love sex and the good life better than their flocks and constituents could ever imagine why then do we refuse to give them this little bit of the good things their jobs afford them.

I have never ever in my 59 years of life met a honest preacher, politician or lawyer. Of course when it comes to lawyers there are a few who stay just on the inside of honesty until the urge for political office hits them. Then even the devil knows to walk with caution around them less he gets a worse name than he already has. Examples could be quoted here from the past and the present but as we all know there will be one of the three on the news today or tomorrow to justify what is written here even in a small way..

Preachers are perhaps the worst of the three and as the news has shown even this week with Ted Haggard who apparently spent his life lying to everyone about who and what he was. Even today who could believe what he or his wife could say as being the real truth. On the national level there has been numerous men of god brought out of the closet by news media for their little dates with sin. Making a long spesch about religion and what it does to a society is one of the most useless endeavors one could undertake. As human beings we have fought each other over religion since man figured out it was easier to blame his failings on something or someone else than on himself.

But I can and will make a small endeavor to write about the so called leaders of religion and politics of our country even though the american people find it easier to lump their preachers and politicians in the same boat and turn their heads collectively when up pops a bad apple out of the boat. As stated above the preachers are perhaps the worst of the lot as they deal with he souls of people but the lawyers and politicians deal with food and shelter of the people and they could care less whether or not the american people have food or shelter if it interfers with their future political lifes. Never put a politician in a position of choosing between his political career or the people who voted him into office. the people will lose hands down.

You have to consider most of the people we vote into office and send to Washington are either a lawyer, a preacher, or a career politician straight out of college, have you met a few of those greasy little bastards. Perhaps the worst are the ones that are a combination of at least two of the three and sometimes a combination of all three. Now there is a real devil to deal with. He or she can eat your chicken, screw your wife or husband and take your money and make you like it as he or she does all three. Honor is a word written on a lot of the buildings in Washington and written into a lot of the historic documents we have all read in school but one could just imagine what a person who hold political office in Washington thinks the world means, Perhaps honor among thieves.

Well I guess that is enough about out leaders today oh make sure keep score of all the people Obama has selected to fill his cabinet post who have innocently forgotten to pay a few taxes over the years for hired help and their personal taxes.