"Blog em 5"

I like to write simple minded thoughts that most people consider useless or not correct infromation but simple words and thoughts usually head us in the right direction if we take the time to think on them. Keeping life simple means we need not worry about the direction our country is headed, the number of our soldiers getting killed in Irag by electric shock in the showers which by the way are wired by USA companies. Wait, why should there be electricity in a shower, perhaps metal piping. Sure that has to be the case, very expensive and of course a high cost of installation paid for by the american tax payer and usually billed from a company associated with our last vise president Dick Cheney. Halli- burton Co. I believe is the name of the company.

Didn't know that did you. The american people don't know a lot about their government and don't want to know. Since no news is good news that come from the government perhaps we need to make the sand pile just a bit deeper so we can bury our heads deeper. Simpler that way isn't it.

Now this morning you look at the news on TV and you find once again politics is dictating whether we are going to have jobs and food for our families in the near future. Our new president doesn't have a chance of doing anything with Congress and Congress doesn't have a chance of doing anything with the president. Children playing with peoples lifes is what it amounts to, always has been and always will be. Politics and graft has not left the building and looks like with a new president and party in office that relates to producing more useless give away programs the graft is going to get worse.

Both parites in Washington need to be what, removed from office and new parties put in? Would that work? Doubt it the same crooks would worm their way back in. Given lessons in how to act as responsible government employees? That would be a great use of taxpayer money, sort of like a halfway house for degenerate politicians. Rehab and back to work.

I wonder if it would be possible to decipher the new money bill the two parties are trying to agree on once it has become law. And if so can each piece of porkbarrel be attributed to the person who put it in the bill. Since you can't cure a sexual criminal or a crooked politician then I think they should be allowed only one piece of porkbarrel legislation during their time in Washington and removed from office if they present anymore. No if, buts, or maybes just get your belongings and lobby friends and leave town. Sort of like the old west you know.
Well enough for today or until I think or see something that makes me mad or to given to fits of irrational thoughts about our society.