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Government workers
Don't you just love govenment workers, you know the people you have to depend on for so many things in your life to make make sure your life runs smooth and you don't end up in some sort of courthouse for something out of your control. I haven't been there yet but looking at things from the sidelines now I wonder how I missed being pegged by these people. Want to apply for your social security, start a few years early. It seems as if they work only one case a week. Of course you know they have to make sure you are entitled to what you say you have earned over the last 40 or 50 years, even though the records come from their files.

Perhaps the best is the thoughts that postal workers will tell you they are not govenment workers. The last time I checked they are pay graded the same as government workers, their checks come from a govenment agency and of course there are a few lines of debits and credits in the annual federal government budgets that might suggest they are federal employees.

The worst thing about govenment and government workers are the attitudes and the bonuses they receive for being assholes. They are and I know its hard for some of them to believe they are the same as you and I and they do receive their wages from taxpayers money. Now I know some people try to find some other place their paychecks come from but really people have the IRS stop collecting taxes for one week and they would not get a paycheck. Of course there is the problem of living in a society that apparently has moved from goods sold to make an economy to buying and selling money to make an economy. Well we are now seeing how well that is working out. Taking tax payer money and investing it in stocks and other paper assets don't work.

Realy I can't believe we are paying government workers bonuses plus a more than decent wage, the best insurance we can buy for them and of course paid vacations and every holiday that has ever came down the pike. What really pisses me off is the top exes of some of the agencies taking home tens of thousand of dollars of bonuses while the average citizen barely lives now. Bonuses are not supposed to be part of a government pay scale and should not be approved by Congress for any reason for anyone. This old thought going round you can't get good workers without some incentive is crap. Either be glad you are getting a good wage and have a secure future or go to work in the private sector where you can be fired or laid off at anytime with no recourse. Well more tomorrow about something else or maybe the same thing depends on the mood I guess.
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