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Michael Phelps
One more for today before all is forgotten and forgiven by the public and their wallets. Michael Phelps is an idiot pure and simple and does not deserve to swim in any local, national or international competition for the rest of his life. As the major theme of my blogs are the stupidity of the american people this is a case in point. 23 years old worth millions of dollars and supposed to be a role model to the young people of this country partaking in an illegal act in public using a drug known to harm his health and is usually a beginning drug for someone with his background and money.

Again the man is an idiot and we are stupid for even considering allowing him the forgiveness of his actions. He is responsible for his actions and should be held accountable for them. Do people really think that one picture will fade from millions of childrens memory. What is the saying one picture is worth a thousand words. Hey isn't it time we hold people to their actions from the poorest to the richest.

The people surrounding the man are going to try their best to put him in the best light simply because he is their paycheck, that doesn't mean we have to allow him to get away with what he has done. Ask youself this question if a young poor man who is trying to make it on a swim team was caught in the same picture doing the same thing what would happen to him.
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