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Ever have a day you just wanted to go back to bed and sleep completely through the day and the night until the following day and hope things will get better. Not going to happen in this world for anyone who has to crawl out of there early in the morning and head to work if they even have a job to go to. The worst thing is more and more people are getting the chance to sleep in every morning and live with that deep down gut feeling they are on a downward spiral into bankruptcy or being put out on the streets.

There is a trend going on now that started last summer and is not being noticed or reported on by the media which is not unusual, perhaps a few more of the speaking heads need to get laid off before they wake up and see what is really going on. I know most of the news we watch on TV is bad and usual relates to some company either going out of business or cutting back on workforce. I am referring of course to jobs in the USA. A lot of small companies are completely closing down their plants.

Just a thought but really how many of those companies are closing down american plants and moving offshore to have their products produced. The one place one has to watch in the coming months is the secondary auto industrial. You know those suppliers that are asking for over 20 billion dollars to help them through this down turn. Wanna bet some of the money will be used to move jobs offshore again. Not a conspiracy theory but something to think about. Corporate America and Washington are going to screw the American worker again and with so much money available to put in their pockets this time it will be a royal screwing. Just a thought from a disgruntled old man.
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