"Antique Road Show to Health care "

First on the lighter side I have found another pet peevee I would like to share with you. Since myself and most of the people who are interested in antiques and collectibles watch Antiques Road Show I find they have a practice that drives me crazy. After they have described the item and listened to comments from the owner the person giving the evaluation will actually ask the owner if they know the value of the piece they have brought to the road show. DUH!!! IF the person knew the value the person would not be there. I can't believe these people are real that stupid, yes STUPID, really this is a show that has a format of valuating antique and collectibles, so why ask if the person knows the value. Again DUH!!!!

On a more lighter side this week has been all about Obama spending so much time on television and making personal appearances. The man is getting plenty of practice for the personal appearance tours after his terms are over. Really I am glad to see the President so much at least we know he is smart enough to hold his own with the TV talking heads one on one. More than one could say about our last president.

Iran has to be a country full of uneducated politicians who would be comical if they weren't so dedicated to wiping out the infidels in the rest of the world. Really given the chance with the nuclear fuels they are without a doubt now producing they would have no problem releasing those weapons on the rest of the world and as a crazy person I believe they will sooner or later or at least give them to someone who will use them. As we all know if we understand history religion has no boundaries when it comes to taking human lives in the name of religion..

Health care is a joke in this country made all the more laughable by the politicians in Washington who are making an attempt to stay in office by playing with the President's goal of heatlh care for the masses. Who the masses are I really don't know. But what I do know without a second thought is that any health care bill or even a conversation about health care can not be attempted with even the smell of insurance companies in the room. Of course one must know that the lobbists of the insurance companies have already put the fix in on any health bill that comes out of Washington and any politician who can prove that is not the case please step forward and prove it.

Well look at that I have covered my pet peevees, religion, our President and of course health care and congress. Maybe tomorrow I can really be more sensible and coherent
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