"Children at Play"

Time to sympbolicly kill another tree but really isn't it nice to be able to write without using paper and ink or pencil. OF course I do miss making a mess with the old typewriter with the two or three letters that were just a bit out of aligment or barely made an impression.

Since no one reads this I can write what I want and not feel like I am going to be picked on by big brother or whoever I usually piss off with my writing. What to write about tonight, maybe Congress playing their little playground games again. Naa just a waste of time, paper and ink. How about the president, naa guess the man needs a break since the wolves of Washington and the talking heads have turned against him. Wonder what took them so long. Been there a year and still hasn't cured the pains the bush years imposed on the american people. Don't know but it seems to me it will take several Presidents to cure that problem, the best he can do is keep us from drowning in the process.

Guess I don't have anything to complain about on a national, state or local level. Of course I could complain about an auction I went to a few nights ago. One would think auctioneers have gotten away from trying to cheat their audiences but this one auctioneer was having a field day and it took me over an hour to figure out how he was doing it. Local small town auction houses usually sell small items brought in by the people who are setting in the audience once the auction starts and in most cases are old people, by this I mean usually retired people, men and women.

The funny thing about this gentleman was the way he was conducting the auction. Most of the time the auctioneer will call out a item at a high value and then dropping lower and lower until he gets the first bid. In this case he would start at a certain value and then start to go up as if he had a bid for say five dollars and then say seven fifty wanted next. Most of the time he got the seven fifty even though there was no five dollar bid to start with. The only way I noticed what he was doing was at times he could not get the seven fity and then he would drop back to three and ask for five, knowing he did not have the three. Then he would go down to the very bottom and no one ever said a word or even knew what he was doing.

I guess we see honesty in different ways in this country when it comes to making a dollar.

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