" Judicial system and the poor people "

You know you always wonder if the legal shows you see on tv are really real. Well in my opinion they are not. Due to some personal experience I am now dealing with in my family I find that my take on lawyers through the years has been right on the money. As I have alway stated and will till the day I die lawyers, preachers and politicians are the worst people in the world. Today I amend that statement and say that no one can measure up to lawyers and the way they do business. Crooks are really the good guys when court goes into session. Lawyers will lie, and do anything to win a case.

In my case we could not get a lawyer to even take the time to sign a one page motion that would allow a juvenile to be sent for medical attention he needed. The judge was waiting for the paper but the PD did not have the 5 minutes it would take to do the job the state was paying her to do. Correct even women make lousy lawyers. Now the juvenile has to spend time in a jail cell when it was not only not neccessary but dangerous in his state of mind. Go figure, we keep letting the assholes of the world control us by letting them lead us around simply because it is believed they are brighter, smarter and know what we need. Of course since they are all too lazy to do the work themselves thank god for the secretaries and other people who do the work for them. Of course I have saw a few of those secretaries who extend the working day and turn out as bad as the lawyers.

Well enough of my nonsense about the way life treats us all.
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