Sarah Palin, not my choice for anything not even dogcatcher of the year, but the woman is being victimized by the American public and one crazy writer. Look it is what it is. Even being a former public official she deserves the right to privacy the same as any other American citizen.
 Joe McGinniss has no argument about moving in next door to the lady and should not be allowed to continue to live there. Where I come from which is America it is called stalking whether out in the public or behind the nearest bush. The man is there for one purpose and that is to exploit the woman and her family.

No one can make a argument that would suggest otherwise and this nonsense about having the right to live where you want is just that, nonsense. Given the facts the man writes about celebrities, he is writing about Sarah Palin and he moves in next door to her. Even the simplest of minds can figure this one out. Well enough about the feeble minds of the American people.

Pet peeves are back again and there are a few still lingering in my mind that pop up every so often and then I forget to write them down. New grandson in the family and babies come with all kinds of pet peeves. Perhaps the worst for me is the changing of a babies diaper while laying on the lap of a woman. Perhaps the role should be reversed and see how the woman feels about the situation.






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