Watching a tv show with the head of the Ayan Rand institute as a guest there was a common theme throughout the program of the government stealing from the rich to give to the poor. This dialog was between the host and the guest and I wondered if either one had any concept of democracy or the country they live in.
Capitalism as stated by the guest was created for the rich and not the poor. Ok, fine, but lets look at how the rich got to be rich. Did they go out and do the work themselves in their factorys and farms? Or did the working class make them rich. Now we have established the rich lives from the backs of the poor or so in the beginning. Anyone want to argue that? Economies have to have a workforce. Therefore capitalism has to have at least two different levels of society. Which one comsumes the products produced for the rich to sell? Not the rich so who? Right the working class. Now the working class depends on the government to protect them from the greed of the rich. Maybe not what the government was supposed to do in the beginning but there it is. The constitution set the stage, if you can't figure out how get back to me.
Now, we know in this society the rich control the Congress of the United States, if you don't believe this you don't know how to read, are deaf and also blind. The statements were made that it was not the place of the rich or the government to take care of the poor or the sick. Take away the support and allow the charities to take care of the few that don't fall completely by the wayside. This gentleman believes the poor will survive. I agree up to a point about this statement. First the government does do to much for the poor but not from compassion but from the need of votes only. Not one person in Congress can argue this, anyone in Congress want to try? But since the rich are the driving force of the economy or so this gentleman believes then how can the poor and the working class of this country apply for jobs and be a useful member of society when the rich do everything they can to move jobs from the very country that made them rich. a very simplified statement that would take at least two more paragraphs to clarify. More tomorrow at www.realpriceguides common sense
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