I said yesteday I was going to do some more on stealing from the rich. After studying some more on the program I was watching I got to thinking about the writings of Ayan Rand and her philsophy on how people are placed in a society. I Have read everything the woman wrote and it still did not make me a disciple. It was great reading, especially Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged but extremely hardcore reading for the average person.

Now when I look at the way the republican party has been working the past 20 to 30 years and the type of people that has infested wall street then to me it looks like a lot of people are reading Rand and that is not a good thing for this country. Granted we took a wrong turn years ago with welfare and other social programs we still need to remember who we are and what country we live in. Being a democracy or a republic you can argue the case anyway you want we are still a country that depends on one level of society working with other levels of society to make things work. You can't make it any more simpler than that. We have to have the rich to keep their businesses going, small and large and they need the workers to keep the businesses turning out products.

Congress has learned how to pit both sides against each other and then allows wall street to profit from both. Nonsense I guess you could say but any educated person could look a little deeper if they had an open mind and come up with the same conclusion. Example we are going to be coming into this new year with the upswing of oil prices. Again as the years before there is no oil shortage and will not be a shortage. Wall street has once again been allowed to run wild with oil futures and investers playing the american public so they and the politicians can profit. Go figure and we thought the billions we spent to save the country also saved a more moderate and regulated wall street. You know ranting and raving about politics, wall street and congress sort of lets you vent the anger but there is really nothing the average person can do except let fate play out its cards in our future and hope somewhere along the way we get it right but without the right people in place it is never going to happen. Well enough from from a grumpy old man who is at best partially senile.
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