Dow double dipping again
Anybody want to bet the economy is going to tank again this year and this time it is going to take a lot longer to recover if we ever do. Heard the old saying history repeats itself, well it appears as if the time factor gets closer on the repeat process. The dow jones is getting closer to 12,000 again and as I predicted over a year ago the price of oil is on the rise again. talking about the cost of oil being on the rise last month the excuse was the american public was once again using more gasoline. At the time of the announcement the entire country was either under water or covered in snow blizzards. It is one thing to tell a lie but please try to make to believable. Back to the next depression. It is coming again and for the simple reason of greed not kept in check on wall street by the government. The republicans have blocked every bill that has been presented to rein in the greed on wall street and once again the people of this country will lose jobs and homes.
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