Meat for the masses
Being old I find I have more than the normal number of pet peeves and the more I interact with society the more I find. Found one today that I have been noticing for a few years. Tomorrow is check day for millions of people and a lot of them are old and are subjected to a lot of abuse from the general public including major food chains. Now I am not saying that the old people are being targeted or that the stores are doing someting wrong. I an't say that if I mention a specific name. Well since I am not mentioning a specific store or company then I can say it is happening. We all buy hamburger meat since it gives us the biggest bang for the buck and older people need that bang more than most and buy more hamburger meat. Well to get back to the peeve I went into a major store today to buy some hamburger meat, the wife wanted a meatloaf for dinner. I knew not to do it but being old I don't have any willpower and bought the hamburger meat on sale. Looked great, nice and red on the outside and should have been the same on the inside but once I got it home and cut the package open and pulled the meat apart the inside was totally black. They really have to have a lot of experience at placing the old ground up meat on the inside and the small amount of fresh on the outside. So after all these years what should I have learned about this. 1. Never buy meat the day before or on the first day that people receive government checks. 2. Never buy any hamburger meat on sale PERIOD. Well said enough about that.
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