thoughts from the grumpy old man.

Well here we are again, our children playing in Congress as if they have no control over their mouths or their intelligence. At what point in time will the American people take back control of their government.

A few remember the depression of the 30s but most are dead now or soon will be, but the past is there and everyone believes it can not happen again. I agree it can not happen again in the exact way it did, but it can happen with different circumstances and different players. All the right ingredients have to come together and here we are.

Seriously we are going there again. History will repeat itself and soon. How do I know simple I am a know it all the same as the people we listen to everyday who tell us life is wonderful and blame someone else for what few problems we have.

Here are four of the main reasons it is coming again and not one person in this country has the sense to understand one word of it.

1. When Congress works for business and their parties and not for the country and the people there can be one result.

2. When the republican party is in total control of Congress depression will happen either during their control or soon after they lose control.

3. When the Supreme court sides with big business there can be but one result.

4. A republican Congress and a weak president from the other party.

There, just a few words I have spoken and don't expect anyone to listen to.

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