Pottery Signatures

This section deals with pottery signatures, their companies and related fakes and reproductions.

Shawnee Pottery has a long and industrious history covering 24 years and hundreds of different pieces. Starting before World War II the company started out by producing items for different companies including Sears, Montgomery Wards, G.E. Murphy and many more. This gives collectors a huge problem because most of these were not signed other than a paper label stuck to the bottom or side of the item. The first set of images are of signatures on different items including vases, planters and minatures.

Fakes and reproductions of the smaller items is not a problem since their value is low and not worth the effort. The problems occur with the larger items such as the pig cookie jars and pitchers. These have been faked and reproduced causing a large problem with buying these items from online auctions.
The pigs produced with just USA incised on the bottom has been reproduced the most and the bank/cookie has been reproduced the least since it is a more complicated casting and harder to get close to the original.
Smiley the pig was first put on the market and patented in 1942. The first jars had Pat. Smiley USA incised on the bottom. Thereafter the Smiley Pigs were all marked USA with the exception of the bank/cookie jar items.
The cookie jar/Bank line were all marked on the bottom with
Patented Smiley Shawnee USA 60
Patented Winnie Shawnee USA 61
There are a few exceptions to this as with most pottery marks with the majority being marked as listed

There were also other cookie jars from Shawnee including
Jack marked with incised USA
Jill marked with incised USA
Great Northern Girl marked Great Northern USA 1026
Great Northern boy marked Great Northern USA 1025
Mugsy marked Pat Mugsy USA or just USA
Jumbo marked USA
Owl marked USA
Puss n Boots marked Patented Puss n Boots Jack Tar marked USA
Drum Major marked USA 10
Jo Jo the Clown marked Shawnee 12
The rest of Shawnee cookie jars were marked with USA with the exception of the Corn King jars marked Shawnee # 66.
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