Ebb Tide was introduced in 1955 with three distinct variations. A limited number of gold trimmed pieces and the Royal Ebb Tide which came in two different colors, pink/black and blue/black with white specks. the standard variation was produced in a dark purple/green with black trim and also in a lighter version of light greens and blues. Not all of the Ebb Tide were marked as examples of all the variations are known not to be marked
Values are different in all three variations with the Royal Ebb Tide having the highest value at this time with some of the gold trimmed pieces such as the tea high valued.

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 E1 IMG  7 inch bud vase  25-30
 E2 IMG  7 inch twin fish vase  35-40
 E3 IMG  7 1/2 inch cornucopia  40-45
 E4 IMG   8 1/4 inch vase  35-45
 E5 IMG  9 inch Basket  30-40
 E6 IMG  9 1/4 inch Angel fish vase  45-50
 E7 IMG  11 inch fish vase  45-50
 E8 IMG  Ash tray with mermaid  25-35
 E9 IMG  11 3/4 inch cornucopia  40-50
 E10 IMG  14 inch pitcher vase  75-125
 E11 IMG  8 1/4 by 16 1/2 inch basket  75-100
 E12 IMG  9 by 15 3/4 inch console bowl  75-100
 E13 IMG  2 1/2 inch candleholder  15-18
 E14 IMG  Teapot  55-75
 E15 IMG  Creamer  25-30
 E16 IMG  Covered Sugar  25-30
 SET IMG  Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar  75-100

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