Suggested values

The values on this page are only suggested values. Some patterns and colors may be valued higher or lower than listed.


  Gingerbread Depot cookie jar   200-225
 Gingerbread   Man/child's bowl   40-45
   Gingerbread Man/child's cup   25-35
   Gingerbread Man coaster 5 x 5 inches   35-40
   Gingerbread Cookie jar brown   150-175
   Gingerbread Cookie jar gray   275-300
   Gingerbread Cookie jar Sand   275-325
   Gingerbread Man Server 10 x 10 inches   50-65
   Gingerbread serving tray  50-75
   Gingerbread train caboose  500
   Gingerbread train coal car  500
   Gingerbread train engine   500
   Gingerbread train passenger car  500
   Gingerbread train set brown  1500-2000


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