Little Red Riding Hood

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First if you have to collect or have a Little Red Riding hood piece then be ready to admit defeat on the originality of the piece. Designed by Louis Bauer in 1943 with patent assigned to A. E. Hull Pottery Co. the line was produced until 1957. There are many many different versions of what was produced and who produced what. Without going back to the past we have to get past the clutter and look at the facts as we now know or believe as I have listed below:

1. Designed by Louise Bauer was the cookie jar, the grease jar and the salt and pepper set with her patent which was assigned to Hull co.
2. Hull DID produce the cookie jars, the grease jar and a set of 5 1/2 inch size sitting salt and pepper shakers and other pieces but DID NOT decorate the pieces.
3. The pieces where sent out to Royal China and Novelty Co. (a division of Regal China) to be decorated.
4. Royal China and Novelty Co. (a division of Regal China) DID produce most of the pieces of the Little Red Riding Hood line including the cookie jar and others.
5. Royal china used a vitreous material (china) which doesn't craze and was pure white and the Hull pieces were off white being made from clay material.
6. Cookie jars, the Royal pieces were not glazed inside of the head piece and the Hull head pieces were glazed inside.
7. There were three different heads produced for the cookie jars each with a different angle.
8. If it has a McCoy signature then it is a fake. McCoy NEVER made a LRRH cookie jar or accessory.
9. If any of the pieces have a large amount of crazing then it is a probably a fake. Vitreous china does not craze under normal conditions.
10. There were open baskets and closed basket cookie jars.
11. The cookie jars were almost 13 inches high.
12. Original LRRH pieces had blue eyes.
13. Cookie jars came with different numbers of flowers on the front, from two to 4 flowers.
14. poinsettias, poppys and roses were the flowers used on the cookie jars.
15. The roses were pink and not the blood red used on the fake pieces.
16. The most common flower was the poppy which would be either with one, two or three flowers on the piece.
17. Although there are "closed baskets" and "open basket" jars, there doesn't seem to be much difference in value between the baskets
18. Reproduced: Little Red Riding Hood string holders, baby dish, butter dish, teapot, milk pitcher, batter pitcher, cracker jar, match box, mustard jar and spoon and banks.
19. Fantasy (never produced by Hull or Regal): Sugar shaker and hat pin holder.
Now this list is not complete nor will it ever be finished as fakes and reproductions are once again flooding the marketplace via china and Mexico Nor would I say with absolute certainty this list is correct.
Cookie Jar  value range from 100 for single flower to 300-400 for four flowers. Gold trimmed also brings a higher price. Marked with 967 bring a higher premium. open basket
Cookie Jar  value range from 100 for single flower to 300-400 for four flowers. Gold trimmed also brings a higher price. Marked with 967 bring a higher premium. closed basket
Advertising Plaque 2500-4000
Baby Feeding dish  
Baby or chocolate mug   no picture
Wall bank 250-325 no picture
Standing bank 250-300 no picture
Butter dish  200-250o
Cereal canister 250-350
allspice canister 250-350
coffee canister 250-350 no picture
Flour canister 250-350
popcorn canister 250-350 no picture
potato chip canister 250-350 no picture
pretzel canister 250-350 no picture
sugar canister 250-350 no picture
salt canister 250-350 no picture
tea canister 250-350
Covered casserole 200-250 no picture
Cracker jar  
Grease jar 982 250-350 no picture
Lamp Original lamps range from 650 to 1000 depending on condition. no picture
Matchbox 250-300 no picture
5 1/2 inch mustard jar   no picture
Planter   no picture
9 inch wall pocket 250-325
6 1/2 inch batter pitcher 75-100
8 inch milk pitcher 75-100
3 1/2 inch small salt and pepper  
4 1/2 inch medium salt and pepper  
5 inch salt and pepper  
5 1/2 inch sitting salt and pepper.   no picture
String holder   no picture
Side pour sugar  
Side pour creamer  
Crawling sugar 75-100
Tab handle creamer  
Sugar with lid 75-100 no picture
Creamer with pantaloons   no picture
Wolf Grease jar, yellow 350-450
Wolf Grease jar, red 350-500


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