Royal pottery was started in the 1950's for chain store sales and patterns used were the Woodland, Ebbtide, Imperial and other mold shapes. Colors included high gloss pink and turquoise with a splattering affect and black shading. Some pieces were trimmed in gold and demanding a higher value but for the most part royal pieces will not bring the value of their primary molds such as the Woodland and Ebbtide. There are many more pieces out there not listed here. The line was designed for chain stores and unless the mold had a  Hull mark already in it the piece would not be marked. Metal stands were also sold with this line
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 E7 IMG  11 inch Ebbtide fish vase 30-35
 E6 IMG  9 1/4 inch Ebbtide Angel fish vase 35-40
 65 IMG  6 inch Imperial pedastal planter 10-12
  75 IMG  6 inch Imperial jadiniere 10-12
 82 IMG   Imperial 12 1/2 inch window box 10-12
 86 and 87 IMG  Butterfly lavo bowl set 16 inch 55-75
  W4 IMG  6 1/2 inch Woodland vase 20-25
  W6    6 1/2 inch Woodland Pitcher 35-45
  W9 IMG  8 3/4 inch Woodland Basket 45-50
 W10 IMG  11 inch pink Woodland Cornucopia 25-35
 W13 IMG  7 1/2 inch Woodland wallpocket 35-40
 W16 IMG  8 1/2 inch Woodland vase 45-50
 W22  10 1/2 inch Woodland Basket. Larger version of W9 45-50
 W24 IMG  13 1/2 inch Woodland ewer 45-50
 W26 IMG  WOODLAND Tea set 100-125
 W29 IMG  13 inch Woodland console bowl 25-30
 W30 IMG  3 1/2 inch Woodland candleholders 20-25

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