Tawny Ridge

Tawny Ridge was in the Ridge collection along with Flint and Walnut Ridge available in the latter years of Hull Pottery. As with the other two patterns Tawny Ridge was available in sets only. Light blue body with white foam around the tops of the pieces. Hard to find individual pieces since the pattern was sold in sets only

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 12 Piece set   4 ea. Dinner plate, bowl, mug. 75-100
 16 Piece set  4 ea. Dinner plate, Salad plate, Bowl, Mug 100-125
 20 Piece set  4 each. Dinner plate, Salad plate bowl, cup, saucer 125-150
 5 piece set  sugar w/cover, creamer, vegetable bowl, steak plate 45-65
 6 piece snack set  2 ea. Tray, Bowl, Mug 25-30
 Salt and pepper set  Embossed salt and pepper 20-25
 Sugar and creamer set  covered sugar and creamer 20-25
 Hen Casserole  9.75" by 7.25" wide by 10" long 100-125
 Gingerbread man spoon rest  5" 20-25
 Gingerbread man cookie jar  12" 200-250
 Gingerbread man server  10" 50-75
 Individual covered casserole server  5" 12-20
 Butter dish  71/2" 20-25
 salt shaker  3" 8-12
 pepper shaker  3" 8-12

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