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Pet Peeves
Everyone has pet peeves or things you really hate or dislike enough to drive you up the wall. I believe I have more than most being almost sixty years old, in bad health and generally don't like people. I don't believe that would put me in a minority now in this country. Since it is Sunday morning and no real news is on today I thought I would get a list started and each sunday morning add a few more to a new blog.

I used to sell alot on eBay and over the years I spent a lot of time in the post office mailing packages and one of the most infuriating things I would find just about every day was some person, and did not have to be old, the young are just as dumb on this one or perhaps even dumber and lazier is to bring a box of stuff to the post office and then either pack it there or take up a window workers time to pack it for them. I doubt if anyone in the United States with at least an eigth grade education can not figure out how to put together a package before bringing it to the post office. If they don't have the ability to do it themselves take it to one of the new packing stores that do it for you.

Fashion has never been a priority to me in any shape form or fashion but in the last few years just going to Walmarts, walking through town or sitting out side my grandson's high school waiting for him to come out at the end of the day would get me livid. It's bad enough the boys let their pants fall down around their ass ready to hit the ground but to allow the bottom of the legs to fold under their shoes and walk on the bottom of their pants is gross and shows exactly how lazy the generation is. This not only encludes the boys but lately I have noticed the girls are also getting as lazy or worst. The next time you go into a fast food place notice the pant legs of the workers, just as disgusting. We didn't have much growing up and our kids had a little bit more but the one thing we had was pride in our appearance and we made sure our children left home with the same pride in their appearance as we had.

Well the final peeve of the day is the way schools treat the american flag. Disgusting really. Stopped to pick up my grandson a few weeks ago and happen to look up at the top of the flag pole positioned in front of the school. The usual setup was there, the american flag and the state flag were on the pole. The problem was the american flag was ragged at the ends where it had never been taken down and had endured numerous wind and rain storms. Now I know or think a high school with over nine hundred students and 3 principals would have the time to go out and take down the american flag every day and when it needed to be replaced do so. If the funds are not there then take a few dollars away from some useless coach and buy a new flag. I sent the county superintendent and the principal of the school a more than direct email as to what I thought of seeing the American flag in such condition. My family has fought in every war this country has been in since the revolutionary war, missing only Vietnam and it really pisses me off to see the flag in such condition. Needless to say someone got the message as to how lazy they were and replaced the flag. I didn't go into how the old flag should be destroyed hopefully although I doubt it the school system should have that information.
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