Price Guides on the road

 I have lots and lots and lots of over sized thick price guides for toys pottery and everything else that I have at one time or another bought at an estate sale, yard sale or flea market.

They take up three or four shelves in my book shelves at home. Ammunition for my wife's complaining about cleaning the house. When I started 40 years ago buying at sales the books were all we had and they were not that great either.

As time progressed there came PCs then over sized laptops and now we have Kindles, Nooks, ipads, Iphones, androids and other reading format machines you can hold in one hand and read.

The technology is not there yet for price guides to be loaded on to these machines with images or tables but somewhere down the road they will have the technology were you can research a piece of pottery or toy real time and know the value of the piece.

My websites works in some cases where a laptop can connect to the internet out in the field and of course there are the CDs I used to sell on the website and will again once I have reformatted all the old information.

For now I am building new price guides for the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook. The Amazon Kindle does allow for some images and the ability to move around inside guide through hyperlinks. The basic Kindle does not use color but a grayscale color so images are not really going to do much good except for shape and design.

The Kindle does allow for tables if they are really designed with very simple HTML code. The Nook does not. The two readers are at this time the best on the market for price guides. I have not tested the ipad reader yet and don't really intend to until the royalties go somewhat higher from Apple.

The values of readers to the collector and dealer is the ability to carry the information in his or her pocket and have to ready to go at a moments notice. Cost of each guide of course will vary but at this time none are worth more than $3.99 per copy, My opinion only and also the average cost of my guides on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So if you are going to do a lot of buying in the future at sales of any type then the new pad readers may be the way to go for values, numbers and description, images not so much right now but later.

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